Lab Experience

Lab Experience

20.00 25.00

Grab your lab coat and coffee mug and come experiment along side us in The Lab. You can choose from a variety of experimentations to try from, or come up with your own! This is a great date night idea, or grab your friends a book a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Experiment Options:

Origin Comparison- Compare 3 different origins of coffee, and learn why each one is so dynamically different.

Brew Comparison- Compare 3 different brewing methods while using the same bean across all platforms. You’ll see just why having a coffee shelf in your kitchen not only looks cool, but helps you to make the perfect cup of coffee each day.

Latte Art- Ever wondered how they make lattes so beautiful? Well now you can too! We will show you the skills you need to pour beautiful latte art, and make your instagram friends wishing they were as cool as you.

Roast Level- You will choose a bean, and we will roast the same bean 3 different ways. This will allow you to experience the difference that happens during the roasting process.

Coffee From Around the World- Like new cultures? Try the coffee from around the world class. We will brew up 3 different drinks featured from 3 countries. You’ll not only hear about the history of the country, but also get the chance to experience what the locals enjoy.

1 Lab Experience is good for 2 people to enjoy. (1 hour)

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